Day 32: Your life is not a political statement

Day 32: Your life is not a political statement

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Don’t like meat? That’s cool. Don’t want to consume anything that comes from an animal? That’s cool too. Want to embrace the vegan lifestyle? Hey, I’ve never understood the Western practice of pigeonholing eating styles as though they’re martial arts; but please, knock yourself out and consume all the chickpeas your stomach can handle.

Why does it need to be a political statement, though? Can’t you enjoy your food without forcing me to embrace your world view?

This subject is a pretty easy target, and an easy case to argue in light of this week’s news about vegans storming a steak restaurant in Melbourne.

Let’s try the same line of reasoning on something a little harder – perhaps a defence of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who faced ridicule for attending his sister’s wedding in spite of his staunch opposition to same-sex marriage?

Don’t like Tony Abbott? That’s cool. Don’t like that he stood against same-sex marriage? That’s cool too. Happy that his sister is getting married? Awesome. I mean, love is love, right? Happy that his sister is getting married because it embarrasses Tony Abbott? Mate, that’s kind of fucked up.

We all know that, deep down inside, the thought of gay marriage still makes Big Tone gag. But the fact that his sister still invited him to the wedding, and the fact that he attended and remained well behaved in spite of the inevitable criticisms it would draw, says more for his character and fortitude than the keyboard jockeys sniping at him from the sidelines. It speaks volumes for his family. 

Tony Abbott knows he lost, and he’s moved on. A lot of these critics have not, and would probably prefer he simply left Australia. I get the feeling these are the same people who vowed years ago to leave the country if he was voted in. 

That’s not how democracy works.

People have different views. That’s life.

About today’s photo: I train every opportunity I get to distract myself from diving too deeply into these rabbit holes. Not healthy. 



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