A few scraped knuckles are the least of our worries

One of the women in this photo was raped several years ago. Only a few of us know. To everyone else, she’s one of the most respected instructors here.

One of the men here just went through a difficult divorce, and only now has worked up the nerve to start talking with the other instructors again.

Another woman broke up with her long-term boyfriend a few months ago, and has been filling her time becoming a body-building influencer.

Another of the men here is heartbroken that his daughter bought a house and moved in with her boyfriend, leaving him alone in an empty house.

There’s another man here in this group who has been fighting a debilitating auto-immune disorder for the past few years, and who only now feels as though he’s got it under control.

And there’s another guy who has been in and out of hospital all year for his crippling anxiety and depression issues.

I have trained with almost every person in this photo (I’m the clown on the bottom left). We may spill blood and sweat in this hallowed room, but it is the secrets we keep for each other that make us brothers and sisters.


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