Day 87: Shadows are beautiful

Day 87: Shadows are beautiful

Day 87: Shadows are beautiful

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Technology companies have been on a PR blitz since late last year, indoctrinating anyone who’ll listen with the notion that an HDR television is the new must-have device for the home. It won’t be long before we start seeing them everywhere.

I have two very simple reasons nobody should waste their time with them:

  1. No one is going to use special HDR cameras to make specially coded HDR content for these new HDR TVs because they’re already doing it with existing technology. Don’t believe me? Watch the opening credits of House of Cards. That’s HDR. Trust me: this new HDR stuff will be as inconsequential as 3D glasses and curved screens (which I still can’t believe was actually a thing).
  2. While HDR TVs are flogged for $10,000 or more, conventional HDTVs will be available for as little as 20 per cent of that price. I’m not talking about the bog-standard models either, I’m talking about premium brand 70-inchers with all the bells and whistles.

What does it have to do with today’s photo? Well, I like shadows. HDR has a tendency to remove them. Just the other day I was musing about using light and shadow to compose a photo instead of people and objects and, well, here we are.


One thought on “Day 87: Shadows are beautiful

  1. Ah, I get it now. I didn’t even notice the absence of shadows in your photo until you mentioned that. Awesome post and thank you for this information. I loved House of Cards.

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