Day 88: Real problems

Day 88: Real problems

Day 88: Real problems

Monday, March 28, 2016

The weird syncing problem that I’m having with my strobes, which resulted in today’s accidental photo? I don’t consider it a problem. The hulking stack of corrections I’m going to have to perform in the office during the day? That’s not really a problem either.

A real problem is, like, my dad still being in hospital, nearly dying but for the vigilance of my mother, and a relative who shall remain nameless who insisted on bringing a feverish child to the hospital for a visit. Or my friends, who are travelling overseas today and tomorrow to tend to their sick parents.

Yet tomorrow, I know I’ll also be expected to care just as much about some asshole a girl met through Tinder who won’t stop calling her, but she won’t block his number because it might hurt his feelings. Or another person who doesn’t know what to do about the spiders in her apartment. Or another person who thinks it’s so important that they walked out of Batman V Superman after ten minutes.

I keep coming back to this bit by Louis CK. The man is a genius.

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