Day 245: How to spot a Kung Fu Weeaboo

Day 245: How to spot a Kung Fu Weeaboo

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The phrase “師父” (“sifu”) is not a formal title that one puts in front of his name like “Mr” or “Dr”. Rather, it implies a type of relationship between two people, kind of like a father and son. That said, telling people that you are “Sifu David Smith” is about as idiotic as calling yourself “Dad David Smith”.

But I get it. Some people put the “Sifu” in front of their name for marketing reasons, like it has some kind of bearing on their skill. It’s more like ignorance and pride, if you ask me.

About today’s photo: getting on with my training, without having to listen to people gleefully butcher my language and culture. 


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