Day 232: Learn to fight so that you know not to

Day 232: Learn to fight so that you know not to

Monday, August 21, 2017

For all the talk and bluster in which martial artists indulge, there is a simple, inescapable truth that civilised Chinese society figured out eons ago: they are mostly thugs.

I am but a humble student, but it pains me to see that so many teachers aren’t even capable of maintaining a civilised conversation on the Internet. I have nothing but disdain for martial artists who indulge in “talk-sau” (or just simply “talkers”, as I like to call them). Sometimes I think they’d be better off letting their hands do the talking, or otherwise learning to hold their collective tongues.

You learn to fight so that you know not to.

About today’s photo: 講手, a euphemism for fighting, literally means “talking hands”; which isn’t all that different from the “talk-sau” they engage in when talking each other to death. The font was chosen to reflect the maturity I ascribe to either solution. 


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