A photo from a bygone era

Back when social distancing wasn’t a thing

I won’t waste time with false modesty: this is a pretty good photo. I snapped it ten years ago on a camera that is today written off as obsolete. The funny thing is, back then I didn’t possess the skill to process it into this current form. I remember being disappointed at not being able to turn it into what I’d envisioned, and putting it down to the lighting and the limits of technology. It’s only now, after applying my current know-how, that I can see my original vision realised.

I don’t usually make it a habit of revisiting photos *this* old, but the photographic opportunities that I have now are very different.

This was nice, then, I suppose.


2 thoughts on “A photo from a bygone era

  1. Amazing photo. With time, you realise what you really are capable of. Times have changed so much, and so fast. It really was nice back then. And hopefully, more of such moments to come.

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