Day 230: Scattered, Divided, Leaderless

Day 230: Scattered, Divided, Leaderless

Saturday, August 18, 2018

I met Michelle Guthrie in person once. It was a corporate event. We were the only Asians in a room full of Caucasians. There was a time in my life when a person like her would’ve intimidated me. But in that moment, we were very much equals. She was considered and intelligent. She had a handful of well-rehearsed anecdotes and phrases for socialising; like me, she is an introvert trained to behave like an extravert.

I get that she was not well liked at the ABC. Her job was to manage some savage budget cuts, so it was always going to happen. And right now, a surprising number of staff at the national broadcaster, the ABC, are celebrating her sudden removal as managing director.

It is all rather undignified.

I don’t know the reasons behind her sacking, but I can say with some degree of certainty that most of the journalists who are openly airing their grievances against her are idiots. Journalists have enough difficulty getting things right in their stories as it is – their insight into matters falling beyond that purview is about as valuable as that of any other asshole with an opinion. Sure, journalists are discussion leaders – but that doesn’t mean they know the first thing about leadership.

The one thing I am certain of is that my taxes are paying for all of this. And much like the ousting of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, I deserve a better explanation than this.


About today’s photo: the ABC’s Sydney headquarters, carrying on like it’s business as usual; but the air is ripe with tension. 


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