Day 229: A name for my pain

Day 229: A name for my pain

Friday, August 17, 2018

It turns out that for the past 30 years, these unexplained headaches and spasms I’ve been getting every now and then are actually migraines.

I’ve always known about migraines. I know people who have them. I just didn’t know it applied to me.

All this time, people dismissed my complaints as “Kevin being Kevin” and I had to learn to shut up and get on with it. I just accepted it as one of those things in life I’ll never understand. I imagined migraines must be bloody excruciating, though.

It’s strangely liberating, being able to give these headaches a name.


2 thoughts on “Day 229: A name for my pain

  1. It always makes us feel better, when we can have a medical/professional diagnosis of what is wrong with us, and now you have a name for your problem, you need to find the cause of it, that would be the next step…

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