Day 209: The littlest things

Day 209: The littlest things

Saturday, 28 July, 2018

What a world we live in, where I can 3D-print the best scale model I’ve seen in a while of the Millennium Falcon.

Weirder still is the bizarre argument that ensued:


“The entry ramp is on the side.”

“No, it’s over here.”

“In front? You mean… between the mandibles?”


“I don’t think so, buddy. At least it’s not that way in any of the movies I’ve seen.”

“I don’t need the movies. I built the LEGO kit. The 7,500-piece deluxe model.””

“The one that costs over a grand?”


“Sorry mate, you’ve been had.”


I’m slightly ashamed to be one of the two grown men having this argument. But there is no version of the universe in which LEGO will ever be canon.

Most amusing

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