Day 170: Trust no one

Day 170: Trust no one

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When the picture of the little Honduran girl started becoming synonymous with Donald Trump’s policy of separating  immigrant children from their parents, an interview was released with the photographer, John Moore, who said words to the effect of ‘I had to leave, but my heart broke because I knew what was in her future’.

I remember thinking “So, if I take you at your word, you don’t actually know what happened to her.”

Of course now we do know what happened to her: she was not removed from her mother at all. Time Magazine, as is typical of the print media these days, came late to the party and is now left with a cover that is wholly inappropriate to this evolving conversation.

I say “evolving” because, of course, Donald Trump has signed an executive order to halt the practice of separating children from their parents. Those who were appalled by the policy are happy, of course. Australians, however, have no right to be happy: the USA’s immigration practices are all but modelled on our own. The difference is our media can’t capture any of it on camera.

That said, I don’t recall hearing a single word of criticism from our government or any member of parliament denouncing, much less even criticising, the US policy of separating immigrant families. It’s odd to me because they’ve never held back on their suspicions and distrust of anyone from China, and the potential for the Chinese to influence our political system.

Perhaps it’s truer to say that if anyone or any country really was influencing our political system, we probably wouldn’t even know about it?

Remember: commercially, Australia is a rounding error to the USA. On the other hand, we’re valuable as a staging platform for surveilling South East Asia, which doesn’t get talked about very much.



About today’s post: An X-Files reference 😉

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