Day 101: Tell me again how much you paid?

Day 101: Tell me again how much you paid?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Early in my career, I learned that my personal information is worth money; that if my personal information and that of thousands of others is parsed and dissected into a spreadsheet, a company with something to sell can pinpoint exact groups of people to whom different products can be marketed and sold.

The trick, of course, is convincing people to share their information.

It turns out it doesn’t take much. Competitions, newsletters, product pre-orders, store discount memberships, fan clubs, videogame registrations…even Facebook.

A lot of people are upset that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to access their personal information.

My response up to this point has been “what else did you expect to happen?”

“Stop sharing your personal information” should be right up there with “Stop taking nude pics” on the list of modern sensibilities that everyone really ought to observe.


About today’s photo: I had an idea about the transparency of sales and marketing and incorporating it to my face, and then the whole idea got a little too convoluted for me to make any sense of it. I get the feeling that’s how a lot of people are feeling about Mark Zuckerberg trying to explain the Internet to politicians who patently don’t understand it.

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