Day 77: How far she’s come

Day 77: How far our family has come

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Our daughter took this photo.

It was amazing to watch her handle the camera with such poise and grace.

Nothing has been done in post – she composed it this way.

Ormeggio, incidentally, is a terrific restaurant for fine Italian dining. It matches Nel in terms of value for money, but is infinitely more accessible and family-friendly.

The restaurant is surrounded by splendid water views, which I shot afterwards. The below photo was taken with the Nikon D850 pointed at what was virtually pitch blackness – at ISO 102,400.

D’Albora Marina, The Spit – ISO 102400 on the Nikon D850

3 thoughts on “Day 77: How far she’s come

  1. That shot by your daughter is great, very well composed and steady. My eldest daughter is only 4 but is already taking an interest in taking photos, so I bought her a cheap, used compact camera from ebay to play with. Its £20 if she drops it and breaks it, hardly the end of the world, but it is fun watching her use it!

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