Day 73: Lies and delusions

Day 73: Lies and delusions

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“There’s nothing left of Sigung’s lineage in Hong Kong. They’re scattered… leaderless… We here are all that’s left.”

“You know what? I’ve trained in Hong Kong and I’ve actually touched hands with them, and I say you’re full of shit,” is how I would’ve responded if I wasn’t Chinese. “And why the hell are you paraphrasing Lord of the Rings? Do you think you’re the Elrond of the Wing Chun world or something?”

Why is the fact that I’m Chinese relevant? Because no Chinese practitioner would ever dare speak of their seniors or their lineage with such disrespect. Ever.

So I stayed quiet and just nodded. It’s not my place to correct him. But who knows how far his nonsense has spread?

In a place like Australia, it’s attitudes like this that help me separate the tourists and Chinaboos from the real deal.

About today’s photo: You wouldn’t know unless I told you and maybe demonstrated how, but the pose that I’ve adopted for this shot makes getting the focus right considerably harder. Chuffed that I nailed it. Also tried a bunch of stuff with the ‘rule of thirds’. Feels like a load of guff to me.

2 thoughts on “Day 73: Lies and delusions

  1. Sometimes, when we encounter something that’s wrong and we don’t speak up, we end up, making this world even WORSE for our next generations to live in, so, it’s best, that we speak up for what’s right, regardless of whether we’re perceived as insulting, or disrespectful, so long as we have a clear conscience, that’s all that matters…

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