Day 67: The ABCs of ABCs #13 – Tongue tied

Day 67: The ABCs of ABCs #13 – Tongue tied

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I’m sorry, but if you consider “嗰個哥哥高過嗰個哥哥” a tongue-twister, you don’t actually speak Chinese. Not this man, and certainly not this woman.

I read somewhere that it’s meant to be pronounced “gó go go gò gòu gwó gó go go gó”… whatever the hell that means.

Look, I’ll make it really simple: speaking Chinese is like singing a song. Every word is a note that has a pitch and inflection. Get either of those wrong, and you fundamentally change the meaning.


The ABCs of ABCs is a light-hearted attempt to explain the ins and outs of Australian-Born Chinese culture for Caucasians who can’t make any sense of it. There’s a lot of idiosyncratic behaviour I get asked the same questions about, so I’m doing my best to answer them. Call it my way of bridging the gap between cultures.

About today’s photo: There are multiple terms used to describe the types of people in the linked videos, all of them pejorative. Being caught in the middle is… complicated. Oh, and lighting. I’ve decided to play with lighting.

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