Day 66: Trial by fire

Day 66: Trial by fire

Wednesday, March 7, 2017

30 minutes. 150 photos @ ISO1600 with flash. 100 winners.

I’ve done a lot of little shoots already, but this was my Nikon D850’s first high-intensity event with a group of around 90 people.

It is —so— fast. The auto-focus, the frames-per-second… I actually struggled to keep up, whereas every other camera I’ve ever used has struggled to keep up with me.

This is easily the best camera I’ve ever used.

The jury is still out on the picture quality, though. Of course, it reaches a requisite standard that I’m happy to use for work, but I’m still fiddling around with the nuances in post.

2 thoughts on “Day 66: Trial by fire

  1. Oh I shoot with several brands.

    That said, I usually don’t mention what brand of camera I’m using because no one EVER looks at a photo and says “hey, that’s a great Canon photo” or “that’s a great Pentax shot”.

    I’m only mentioning Nikon here because there’s a lot of interest around the D850, and I’m in a position to be able to offer my $0.02 🙂

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