Day 51: Greetings and solicitations

Day 51: Greetings and solicitations

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

There are certain parts of town that are impossible to walk through without being accosted by the surrogates of  charitable organisations that want your name, contact, and bank account details. This is one of those locations – the Goods Line – and today there are at least three people stationed here from Cancer Council Australia.

I’ve been approached by the same girl twice today, each time with increasing levels of aggression. On the first occasion she walked side by side with me to the building I was going to while asking “what are you doing?” and “where are you going?” – which is just as super-creepy if our genders were reversed. On the second occasion, she shifted side to side and physically blocked my path while asking the same questions. There was another guy not two blocks away, a 6’4″ brick outhouse by the look of things, who snarled towards my back “Yeah you keep on walking” when I said “No thanks” as I walked past.

Sooner or later, these people are going to be done for harassment or assault.


About today’s photo: I’m about to walk through the Goods Line for the third time today. I thought I’d capture the dread and the deep sigh I’m taking before going through this nonsense again. It’s 50mm at f/8, ISO64. 

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