Day 20: Plentiful light

Day 20: Plentiful light

Saturday, January 20, 2018

My sixth day with the D850 has been spent with a plentiful amount of light out at the local zoo, meaning I could give the camera’s ISO64 setting a good flex.

One of the unexpected discoveries, though, is the camera’s Continuous High Speed shooting mode. Having spent years on the considerably slower D800e, I’ve grown accustomed to anticipating and timing my shots – like a sniper. Being able to spray-and-pray at 7 frames-per-second allowed me to attempt capturing an eagle in flight, which I somehow pulled off with a 70-200mm/2.8 lens. I honestly have no idea how professional birders do it, but I’m tempted to try it some more given what I was able to do here.

An eagle in flight with the D850 – shoot at high speed with 3D tracking at super high resolution


The tiger stalks – an easy shot with 3D tracking


Birds not in flight. Slower and easier to shoot, though waiting for them to stand at an appropriate angle is another question.


Otters: much slower than birds, but waaaay more unpredictable.


About today’s photo: A basic portrait at ISO64, f/16. At 100 per cent, it’s super-clean and smooth compared with any similar shot I’ve done before.

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