Day 9: We’ve been conned into making tech an annual household expense

Day 9: We’ve been conned into making tech an annual household expense

Tuesday, January 9, 2017

One year of use.

That’s all I got out of this DJI Osmo before an operating system update, or maybe it was a bug or a glitch, rendered it obsolete.

After multiple restarts and reinstallations, the phone app still won’t turn on. I suppose could try buying a new phone, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work. It’s essentially a glorified brick now.

Besides, who on earth replaces a phone after two years? That’s how old my phone is – an iPhone 6s. That’s a $1,500 expense to replace something two years old, by the way.

Am I being a cheapskate? I mean, I know many people who’d replace their phone after just one year because, to quote one of them, they “just can’t imagine life” without a phone that recognises their faces (which is weird because I’m pretty sure they’ve been doing it their entire lives… but whatevs).

It’s quite astounding to me that the public has been conned into thinking it needs to update its electronics every year; conned into thinking that $1,000+ for an electronic device is perfectly normal; conned into thinking we have to do everything through our phones.

I don’t even know why I’m using a phone to produce stabilised video in the first place* – by rights the two have nothing to do with each other.

It didn’t use to be this way. Things used to last for years. And this gimbal? It would’ve taken a few years of use for me to claim its value as a business expense. Well I guess that ain’t happening now.

DJI and Apple probably just expect me to buy the latest model like every other tech yuppy who’s suffering from FOMO. Everyone else is just suffering from a case of being poor – so fuck them, right? No… I’d tend to think they’re the people who haven’t fallen victim to being owned by what they own.

I had a look at DJI’s reviews on the App Store. I’ll be neither the first nor the last to complain about such things.

I guess the main takeaway for me is this: don’t buy anything that relies on a phone to function.


*Actually I do: I was using the gimbal as a proof of concept before potentially investing in a full-blown rig.

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