Day 336: To be Chinese is to be corrupt

Day 336: To be Chinese is to be corrupt

Saturday, 2 December, 2017

…at least, that’s what I think the ABC would have you believe.

Chinese influence in Australian politics, and its undesirability to Australia, is a narrative the ABC has spearheaded for the past year or so.

With increasing regularity, any politician who has shared a meal, a conversation, or even the same breathing space with a person connected to the Chinese government is loudspeakered with clockwork alarmism as new evidence of political corruption.

It’s a little weird because, firstly, there is only one political party in China (Communists, duh!); and secondly I don’t see how it’s any different from being a member of the Labor Party, the Liberal Party, or even One Nation.

Either way, the ABC’s various news programs speak as though people from other countries do not lobby our government in a similar fashion. They don’t say it in such explicit terms, but the absence of reportage on any other country suggests the problem is exclusively Chinese. I question why China is being singled out.

Each week, suspense is fabricated around who will be next revealed as having associated with the Chinese, and the turmoil it will surely spell for their political party, and the careers it may destroy. Yet surely the ABC must have known that the Chinese have gripped-and-grinned for the camera with every person of note from every major political party?

The narrative seems mostly manufactured.

I thought journalists are meant to present the facts without fear or favour, not present specious conjecture as truth. It’s disingenuous at best. Misleading, perhaps. And at worst, I’m beginning to wonder, driven by racist motives.

About today’s photo: Every morning, when I take in my view of the city, it necessarily includes the ABC headquarters at the bottom corner. And I tell myself, “my taxes pay for that shit.” Full disclosure: I’ve never lived in China, but my heritage is obviously Chinese. Australia has never failed to remind me of that. 


3 thoughts on “Day 336: To be Chinese is to be corrupt

  1. Sometimes, it’s hard, to live as immigrants of another country, because no matter how you’d already, acculturated and assimilated yourself into the mainstream society, the outside world serves as a constant reminder of how you are the odd one out, hwo you don’t belong…

  2. It would be interesting to know who owns the Australian media. In our last general election for a prime minister, the guy who most people thought could have been best for the job was the Labour leader Jeremy Cor yo who was ripped apart by the media on a daily basis. It turns out that 75% of the media in the UK is owned by a handful of men who are a) in support of the opposition, the Conservative party, and b) are easily swayed by money.

    Facts and unbiased reporting do not always make it onto our screens. Maybe we need to start trusting the news a bit less?

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