Day 331: Keepers

Day 331: Keepers

Monday, November 27, 2017

Someone once told me that “our relationship with images is changing as our daily lives are flooded with them; individual images are devalued to nothing or shifted to high value as art”.

Even though this conversation took place over the internet, I didn’t think it was the right place to tell her she’s letting technology and social media dictate her tastes and values.

My house is filled with photos that are meaningful to me and my family.

Happily, I know that the person who’ll be receiving this gift is of the same sensibility.

About today’s photo: A lot of budding photographers express surprise when they discover I don’t take thousands of photos per week. All I’m really doing is capturing the truth of a moment. If I wanted to capture every miniscule variation in a person’s facial expression, angle, and pose, I’d probably just shoot a video. 

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