Day 323: Freedom of hypocrisy

Day 323: Freedom of hypocrisy

Sunday, November 19, 2017

People are always moaning about independence for Tibet or Taiwan. Some places like East Timor actually get their independence, and it’s a cause for celebration.

So how come nobody is screaming about freedom for England? Because that’s ultimately what Brexit is all about, right?


About today’s photo: There’s no audience for this sort of thing.

One thought on “Day 323: Freedom of hypocrisy

  1. But, are we, really, independent, if the country we live in, relies heavily on the manpower (the workers), or the items being produced by another country (like how things are never made in the U.S.A., because of how costly it would be for the companies to pay their workers), so that is why all those jobs were, outsourced to places like China, where labor is much, much cheaper…

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