Day 289: Deal breaker

Day 289: Deal breaker

Monday, October 16, 2017

A road-test of the Nikon D850 confirms that its performance is every bit as impressive as the reviews claim.

One thing that nobody mentioned, however, is the fact that the RAW files are not compatible with Photoshop 6 (my program of choice because it was the last of the “set and forget” fully-paid editions).

In order to process RAW files with the Adobe suite, I’d have to upgrade to Photoshop CC, which operates on one of those paid subscription models that I object to on general principle.

That’s why today’s photo is slightly underexposed: that’s how I usually shoot, before adjusting in post. Without the ability to work on the RAW file, this is actually a resized version of the jpg straight out of the camera.

I guess I’ll be looking up Nikon’s Capture NX options…


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