Day 250: Furtive steps

Day 250: Furtive steps

Thursday, September 7, 2017

This is the first pair of dress shoes I’ve purchased in years since my feet essentially stopped working.

The poor sales girl who helped me find this pair deserves a medal for her patience.

I’m afraid I’ll discover the inconvenience just wasn’t worth it.

One thought on “Day 250: Furtive steps

  1. Sometimes, things just looked, a whole lot better when they’re on the shelves, I think it’s the lighting of the shops that makes you want to take the items home, and, after you get home with it, you’d start, regreting having spent all that money on something you don’t really need, or already had, in similarity, but look on the bright side, so long as the labels are still on, and you kept the receipt, you can always go to return it, or maybe, exchange it for something else…

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