Day 220: Verbis Obscurum #2 – Solastalgia

Day 220: Verbis Obscurum #2 – Solastalgia

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Solastalgia (rhymes with “nostalgia”) – the distress or melancholy caused by profound changes in one’s surrounding environment.

The word was first coined in 2003 by philosopher Glenn Albrecht to describe the sense of nostalgia one feels for the landscape of their home as it once was before being changed through construction and development – extreme cases being deforestation and mining. However, nostalgia generally applies when a person has separated themselves from a place or thing (hence homesickness); whereas solastalgia applies where a person has not been moved or experienced any such physical separation.

About today’s photo: I don’t remember any of this ever being here. I’m pretty sure nobody ever uses this place as a food court. Ever.

Verbis Obscurum is a collection of words old and new, rare or nearing extinction, to describe everyday phenomena of which you are not necessarily conscious, and which you lack the words to adequately describe. Once you’re told about them, you’ll start seeing them everywhere. 

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