Day 182: Cam and Dominic

Day 182: Cam and Dominic

Sunday, July 2, 2017

They could not have been more unlike each other. Cam was from a working class family; tall, athletic, and popular. Dominic was clever, small, and introverted, but from a wealthy family. They became fast friends when they met in the third grade.

Cam brought Dominic out of his shell. Dominic, in return, gave Cam the keys to his castle. After Cam finished his homework on Dominic’s computer (because he didn’t have one of his own) the two were inseparable as they played videogames together practically every day.

But things changed after several weeks. Things began disappearing from Dominic’s home. It started with inconsequential things at first, but it grew into larger sums of money; five dollars from a purse, five dollars from a swear jar…

Cam made no effort to hide it when confronted about it, so Dominic declared that he was no longer welcome at his home. Cam realised he’d no longer have access to a computer to complete his homework and pleaded for forgiveness.

Dominic refused, and Cam’s rage boiled over. It wasn’t fair. Why did he let him use his computer to begin with, then? Cam grabbed the smaller boy by the collar and punched him so hard that he threw up. He was no match.

Cam felt a pang of guilt.

“Look, I only need your computer until the end of the year. My parents promised to buy me one then. I can stop coming over after that.”


As the months rolled by, Cam and Dominic maintained the pretence of being friends. Cam’s computer skills grew, and Dominic’s savviness with technology made him popular.

Eventually, Cam got his own computer and it was time to make good on their agreement. But Cam saw that he and Dominic still had much to gain from each other, and hoped that time had healed the old wounds.

“I did what you asked,” said Dominic. “I just want you to leave me alone.”

“But things are so much better for you now than they were before,” replied Cam.

“I think I’ll get by.”

“I taught you everything you know. I’ll tell everyone you’re a stupid nerd!”



I’m going to spell it out for everyone in case it’s too subtle: Cam is England, Dominic is China, the punch that Cam threw was the Opium Wars, and the computer that Dominic let Cam use in order to end the hostilities is Hong Kong.

If you thought Dominic was in the right, you’re apparently a Communist sympathiser.

If you thought Cam was entitled or at least had a point, you’re keeping good company with nearly all of the Western media.

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