Day 112: And then there were four

Day 112: And then there were four

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I grew up knowing that my father was the youngest of five brothers. My childhood imagination often inflated them into a real-life superhero team, each with their unique personalities. There was the happy one, the kind one, the pompous one; and then there was eldest, whose sensibilities and upright carriage made him larger than life… as though he came from a more elegant, bygone era.

The eldest was always so smartly dressed, I thought. So self-assured. He was Don Draper before anyone thought to invent such a character. I remember being in his office once, watching him in conversation, his foot crossed over his knee in an easy couch as he took luxurious draws from his cigarettes. In the moments he spoke with me, I could tell his mind was partially on something more important, something more grown-up. But he would always throw in a question like “you do know what 九龍塘 is famous for, right?”, as though testing whether I’m ready to talk to him like a man.

He’s gone now; the first of his generation to leave us. It’s given me much to ponder.

About today’s photo: I don’t really feel like shooting anything. 

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