Day 106: Don’t read too deeply

Day 106: Don’t read too deeply

Monday, April 17, 2017

Years ago, I used to make a sport of profiling people based on their writing alone – their vocabulary, syntax, spelling, choice of metaphors… you’d be surprised what these things reveal about a person. Such was the privilege of being an admin on multiple web forums.

Recently, I started encountering people who’d say the most nonsensical things.

What kind of idiot looks at a photo of a homeless person and says “This is great!”?

“Bots”, apparently; the kind that automatically like and comment on photos that have the right hashtags with a view to attracting likes and follows to their masters, who presumably don’t have the time to do it themselves. They’re all over Instagram, apparently. They’re all over my account.

I sure hope people aren’t paying for these bots (Who am I kidding? Of course they are).

Besides, in the world I come from, bots are for target practice.

One thought on “Day 106: Don’t read too deeply

  1. And here was I thinking that some random people actually liked my photos! 🙂

    I never got the reasoning behind this ”like and comment” business anyway… Just because I like your pictures and comment on the odd post you write, it doesn’t follow at all that you like Herodotus or want to read about the biography of Spanish navy captain in the Napoleonic Wars. Not to mention how anyone can find the time to follow more than a handful blogs or IG accounts or whatever it is they follow anyway!

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