Day 37: Do you trust what you read?

Day 37: Do you trust what you read?

Day 37: Do you trust what you read?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Do you trust media outlets that wear their politics on their sleeve, because it’s pointless for journalists to pretend their stories aren’t influenced by their historical and cultural upbringing?

Or do you trust media outlets that claim to maintain complete political neutrality?

For many people, the former is the product of the post-modern, post-factual world, where attention is mostly drawn to the most outrageous, the most salacious, and the most self-affirming.

For others, however, the latter is an unmitigated lie.

When we curate our feeds on Twitter and Facebook, we make choices that strike a balance between those extremes.

I’d like to believe we are all intelligent enough to know the difference between fact and opinion, to recognise persuasive and provocative language that is designed to manipulate rather than inform. But we aren’t all making the same choices: we are all different in what we believe, what we want, and how we want to live.

I choose to listen to all sides of politics because I believe it keeps the diversity of our society in perspective.

How do you choose what to read and who to listen to?

About today’s photo: Don’t adjust your sets. So many of the headlines I’ve read about Donald Trump recently, at news outlets I would ordinarily trust, have been too comedic to be true.


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