Day 22: @idiotwithcamera

Sunday, January 22, 2017

On the advice of some photographer friends, I have joined Instagram.

I literally have no idea what I’m doing.

This should be hilarious for a couple of days.

About today’s photo: Why did it take so long for me to join? Because I was already on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn; and I just assumed I missed the boat. Listen, Instagram is the least interesting thing I’ve refused to do – to date I’ve never watched Titanic and I am absolutely incapable of pronouncing “pecan” the Australian way.

4 thoughts on “Day 22: @idiotwithcamera

  1. I have come to really like Instagram, because there are some amazing photographers out there and it can be very inspiring and motivating to sift through their shots; but it’s also a magnet for endless f00d pictures, banal selfies, otherwise meaningless shots (from a photographer’s point of view) but actually that’s all good and fine, too.

    I am sure you can get some great exposure on Instagram with your shots, as you maintain a high standard of posts on a daily basis. Since you are just starting, may I offer some advice? I recommend that you have at least two accounts: one of a personal nature (to keep low-key and casual, directed to people you know) and another one that is named after your blog and just highlights the shots you take for it. This account should have as similar a name as possible with your blog. Then link them up with a WP widget on your blog, and with the blog url in your Instagram bio, to help garner attention to both. And if it suits you, get another account or two that focuses on different aspects/genres of your photography…. This is advice I wish I had received when I started on Instagram half a year ago, because it’s really beneficial to keep your Instagram thematically consistent. If I could start again, I’d have about four! For now, my two accounts are @mmmachito (personal) and @anyfidelity (blog). Cheers.

  2. I too really enjoy Instagram-there are some amazing photographers out there. And I try too to maintain consistent quality with my images too- I think it makes a difference but in the beginning I was all over the place.I look forward to seeing your work there-

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