Day 6: A pattern is emerging

Day 6: A pattern is emerging

Day 6: A pattern is emerging

Friday, January 6, 2017

A failed promise to deliver high-speed internet to the entire country.

An IT infrastructure that fell over with a national census (think about that while you consider that one man, Greg Knauss, designed a system capable of holding the entire Internet at bay over the photos of Kim Kardashian’s backside in 2014).

A government debt recovery arm that has abdicated its common sense to an automated system that has none (and also, incidentally, four hours of waiting time on the phone and several tufts of hair I’m never getting back).

Comp-sci, UX, content, design-led thinking, legal oversight… if you lose one, you lose them all.

About today’s photo: I have no idea how all these pieces fit together into this pattern… but it is beautiful.


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