Day 356: Expensive lessons

Day 356: Expensive lessons

Day 356: Expensive lessons

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

At the moment I took this photo, I wondered why it can’t always be like this. I mean, I was never even allowed to sleep in my parents’ bed.

Two hours after this moment, I’ll be explaining to the little guy that he needs to take better care of his glasses, which he’ll understand because we’d literally just had a conversation about how some things in life (food, shelter, health) are far more important than others (Lego) a few moments earlier. It all started because they were curious about the little Syrian girl who is about their age who made it out of Aleppo – so I know it’ll stick.

Now I need to find me a few hundred bucks because those glasses are beyond fixing.

About today’s photo: ISO 6400, as the light of an overcast morning breaks through my window. I rarely venture as high as ISO 6400. I don’t think I’ve ever shot beyond. 

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