Day 355: Sweat

Day 355: Sweat

Day 355: Sweat

Tuesday, 20 December, 2016

Every time I’ve tried to capture wet surfaces on people, I’ve needed to use some form of trickery to exaggerate the effect and get it to look right.

So today, I’m indulging myself in a little exploration of how to capture sweatiness. This is a reference photo, with no added water or effects, of what I look like after doing 75 push-ups, 75 sit-ups and 75 burpees – a light workout that’s meant to put an obvious sheen on my brow.

The problem here remains the same as before: the strobe blasts away most of the detail and you have to look really hard to see the signs that I’ve worked up a decent sweat.

I actually tried drenching my face in a sink full of water after this attempt, but it made very little difference.


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