Day 326: Nailed it

Day 326: Nailed it

Day 326: Nailed it

Monday, November 21, 2016

It’s harder and harder to come by, but this is the feeling you get when you realise you’ve nailed a great photo. I don’t mean one of those photos where people try to show their appreciation for what you do by politely saying they like the composition or the colours and whatnot, but a photo that captures a fleeting moment that is beautifully and unquestionably iconic.

For me, this was a few minutes of pure, naked joy; where all your worries and fears disappear (except for the one in which people think you’re a crazy person because you’re a little too unnaturally happy).

It’s the same feeling I had after I took my wife out on our first date… except I found out four years later she didn’t even realise it was a date until much later.

It’s probably best if I don’t read into this too deeply.

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