Day 318: The poisoned apple

Day 318: The poisoned apple

Day 318: The poisoned apple

Sunday, November 13, 2016

You were there when I started.

You showed me how to change my thinking; showed me things no other teacher thought to show.

You took out your frustrations on others; on students, on other teachers, on the school. I was there to see it all happen.

I knew you were in pain.

I begged you to take time off and find a constructive way to honour our master’s memory.

You chose not to, and you were thrown out of the school.

I mourned for you. You blamed me for it.

And now, a gifted student has been expelled because he bought into your poison. I wonder how much further it will spread.

You once told me that your singular motivation was to honour your love for our master. You told me “I loved him.”

I question what he would say if he saw you today.


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