Day 308: Battle born

Day 308: Battle born

Day 308: Battle born

Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Nikon D800e is now four years old.

I have carried it with me every day, slung on my shoulder, or in a bag, shooting anything that captures my imagination with the lens I have on the day.

Within that time, I have:

  • Dragged it through the pouring rain and shoe-melting 43-degree heat;
  • Smuggled it with lenses four times its size into restricted events;
  • Dented and scraped the paint off the chassis after dropping it several times on solid concrete;
  • Torn off the eyepiece cap;
  • Melted off the label with the serial number on it;
  • Bent the hot shoe out of shape (and then back into shape);
  • Torn off the video record button;
  • Scratched the rear screen protector to buggery – which I suppose is what’s meant to happen;
  • Rubbed the paint off a couple of buttons (so now I’m pretty much the only one who knows how to use it);
  • Lost a couple of screws;
  • Trapped a tiny bug in the pentaprism viewfinder, where its carcass now sits as a permanent irritant; and
  • Peeled off the rubber hand grips and then pushed them back into place.

It has fulfilled every creative endeavour I’ve thrown at it and I can honestly and truthfully say that I have never once felt a desire to upgrade. There comes a point where megapixels, frame rates, or even the size of the damned thing don’t matter anymore. All you need is light and a decent lens.

But I should probably get it serviced before it completely falls apart on me.


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