Day 293: Pick me up

Day 293: Pick me up

Day 293: Pick me up

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

For decades, I’ve been made to feel like a leper because I don’t drink coffee. The truth is I think it tastes revolting – a personal opinion that, once forced from me, only gets me into more trouble because people think I’m judging them (as though Westerners haven’t been judging me my entire life for the ‘weird’ Chinese food that I and 1.4 billion other Chinese people eat… But I digress).

It turns out my dislike for coffee is genetic, in nearly exactly the same way that a large number of people seem to think broccoli tastes bitter.

Well. I won’t apologise for that anymore, then.

When people ask me how I stay awake and keep such long hours, I usually say “fear of failure”.

Occasionally, there’s also this: Berocca. And unlike coffee, it does not have a half-life. At least… not to my knowledge.

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