Day 164: Nothing to see here

Day 164: Nothing to see here

Day 164: Nothing to see here

Sunday, June 12, 2016


These are the words sprayed in large font, over and over down the length of a block five minutes from my home.

On a good day, I would troll slogans like this mercilessly: “Make me”, “U Mad?” and “You’re too late” are among my favourites. I even considered taking a photo next to it.

But today, my children were in the back of the car, happily reading aloud all the words on all the signs and buildings that we drove past because that’s what kids who are constantly learning new words do.

I pointed to something interesting in the other direction and drove past as quickly as I could, the memory welling within me of a large Caucasian person, arms folded, his face full of hate, yelling at me smugly “that’s right mate, keep walking”.

This is the Australia I know.

A lot of Caucasians will tell you that it’s only a small minority of people who feel this way.

But from a non-white person’s perspective, it could be anyone. No one ever comes up to you at that moment, puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder and says “See? Look, it’s just that asshole over there.”

Should I be the one to do that for my children?

When the time comes, I don’t intend to lie.


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