Day 71: A true master

Day 71: A true master

Day 71: A true master

Friday, March 11, 2016

Yianni Aspradakis is a photographer I worked with in a previous job. He is one of the warmest and most unassuming men you’ll ever meet, and I made especially sure to stay in touch with him because he is Just. That. Good.

People often talk to me about how they feel certain photographers charge too much while others do not… and in some cases they have a point. There is no such question with Yianni, however. His speed, his process, his professionalism and his results are such that I will happily pay whatever he asks.

Today, aside from being an event co-ordinator and relationship facilitator, I am Yianni’s assistant. The person we are photographing is very important in entertainment circles and is notoriously difficult to get a hold of (we’ve literally got ten minutes with him)… but I was honestly more excited just to be able to watch Yianni work.

3 thoughts on “Day 71: A true master

  1. That is awesome, you got to work with someone you respect. That’s the difference between a professional and a hobbyist. In ten minutes, they know how to work some magic. It’s the training, practice and honing of the craft, as well as a solid work ethic that make all the difference. Here’s to many more opportunities to rock.

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