Day 57: Contemplating lineage

Day 57: Contemplating lineage

Day 57: Contemplating lineage

Friday, February 26, 2016

Last night, my sister said something to me about being a filial child that gave me reason for pause. What is it that makes my sister do our father’s bidding while I choose to not to?

He’s in hospital, you see. And he’s not being a very good patient.

Last night, while minders and helpers faffed about trying to keep him happy, I felt as though I was sitting in the eye of the storm, watching him from afar. I came to realise the demons that drive his erratic behaviour are the same that often drive my own… and those of my son.

It’s something I’m trying to steer my son away from, but I somehow get the sense my father may not have ever learned that lesson for himself.

I cannot fail either of them.

I ended up counselling my father as I would counsel my own son.

He listened. It worked. And my heart sank a little as I wondered whether the same was done for my grandfather.

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