Day 24: The sun sets on Wonderland

Day 24: The sun sets on Wonderland

Day 24: The sun sets on Wonderland

Sunday, January 24, 2016

My part here as the wedding photographer is played.

For my last shot of the day, I wanted to capture as much of the location as I could – the gazebo to the left, the prehistoric Wollemi pine to the right (which looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life), the gentle haze of rain clouds held back by the mountains in the distance, the cat judging me from between the chess pieces while I chimp at my photos…

Elsewhere, off frame: a rustic pond surrounded by cobblestones, a wooden bridge, cows mooing loudly in the distance, and an iron-wrought hedge gate like the ones I’ve seen in so many movies.

With the revelry now at the deck area by the pool, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was leaving the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as it moved from one picturesque location to the next; family, friends and well-wishers ensconced in celebration, though there was clearly nothing mad about them. In fact, much of the conversation I heard revolved around philosophy and theoretical science.

And it was beautiful. Just beautiful.

Thank you for making me part of this, Tim and Signe.


A stolen moment


Newlyweds on the bridge

Newlyweds on the bridge

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