Day 10: The Lazy Susan is in the mail

Day 10: The Lazy Susan is in the mail

Day 10: The Lazy Susan is in the mail

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Open Kitchen (和泰 – He Tai in Mandarin) is so new that it doesn’t have a website.

The way to get there is completely convoluted (you have to park in the adjoining shopping mall, then leave on foot through a certain level and follow a path around the back). In fact, you wouldn’t even know it’s there unless somebody told you; but to cut a long story short, the entry is on Talavera Road at Macquarie Park in Sydney’s north.

The interiors are, as you can see, opulent.

What I like most about this place is that it’s different from the usual Chinese fare. The food isn’t just surprisingly good – some of it is incredibly hard to find outside of the motherland, such as (and you’ll have to forgive the crude English translations) the lava custard buns and the miso chilli tofu. And if you know how to appreciate it, they can steam a mean live fish.

The Lazy Susans haven’t arrived yet, so we ended up playing air hockey with all but the most expensive dishes against the polished stone tabletops. I guess the smart choice for now is to dine in groups of less than six.

The front-of-house staff haven’t completely figured everything out yet, but they are eager to please and I’m sure they’ll iron things out soon enough.

They get a pretty good lunchtime crowd from the local business parks for yum cha, but they’re all but empty by 8.30pm during the dinner service. That said, bookings are advisable, but not really essential.



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