How to make a great Facebook Video Profile in four easy steps

Facebook has enabled video profiles, so I thought I’d see what I can do to push beyond the usual moments that people capture and share. See, when people share videos, it’s usually from a party or a place or a child or a cat doing something funny… turning it into one’s profile changes things because people usually want it to communicate some kind of narrative.

So here’s what I did:

  1. Filmed about four minutes of footage of myself in four different tops doing four slightly different things.
  2. Rendered the footage into a square aspect ratio (because Facebook profiles are square).
  3. Used key frames in Adobe After Effects to track and scale the footage into little squares; and then stagger the layers of footage so that they don’t all appear the same.
  4. Top, tail and export in Adobe Premiere.

I was kind of making it up as I was going along and it turned out Facebook has a seven-second limit on these video profiles. I ended up having to double the speed in the final to make it fit.

At the time of this writing, video profiles can only be uploaded from a mobile device, so I had to sync the file to a folder on my phone that Facebook could access. Bother.

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