You missed a spot

You missed a spot

You missed a spot

Years ago, while working in a rat-hole of a publishing company, I came across an area where a small section of carpet had been ripped out, exposing the floorboards. What caught my attention wasn’t the hole, but that someone had written “THERE IS NO CARPET HERE” in bright red in the exposed area.

I laughed about it for days.

It’s no great surprise, then, that I should find this missing patch of greenery hilarious.

It’s funnier still because of where it is – UTS’s faculty of engineering and IT. In the real world, there’s this thing called a ‘margin of error’ we all work with. But for a lot of academics, it doesn’t matter how good an idea is – the tiniest of errors or inconsistencies is enough to render it wholly unacceptable.

It must be driving them completely insane.

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