One door closes, another opens

I suppose it’s abundantly clear to my handful of followers that I am no longer publishing a daily self-portrait. I made a decision to disconnect myself from the process some weeks ago and it has been, truthfully, a little difficult: I maintained this ritual for five years.

It has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned more about photography through these daily photos than I am able to quantify.

But these days, my learning is more introspective. The journeys I am on are more philosophical. The ideas I want to share are no longer so simple that they can be communicated with a twee self portrait.

I haven’t lost interest in photography. I consciously asked myself whether that was the case. At the moment, I am taking more photos than ever – most of it mundane – but I find myself fascinated by very different things. That, in turn, is changing how I direct people and what I look for in a photo and how I shoot.

It’s something I noticed in my photos from about eight months ago, and you could say I’ve grown beyond whatever this ‘daily portrait’ format can offer.

So from now on, I’ll be continuing this blog in a slightly different way: less photos, of things other than myself, with more detail.

See you in the traps 🙂


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