Day 298: Stock take

Day 298: Stock take

Day 298: Stock take

31 December, 2014

This year, I…

lost the ability to walk.

regained it.

got elbow-deep in poo.

– amassed an embarrassing collection of glittery K-pop CDs.

– went on an epic Cookie Safari.

– added videography to my repertoire of skills.

started learning Wing Chun – something I wish I’d done 20 years ago.

dropped 18kg (that’s 39lb to those of you still using Imperial figures).

shot an epic wedding.

– maintained a healthy level of cynicism towards the videogames industry.

– failed to take one photo a day. Yep, that happened. There were several large distractions and I’ll admit that the idea of an incomplete project is driving me a little crazy, but I also know that’s just the INTJ in me talking. From tomorrow I’ll be hitting the reset switch and starting anew with Year Five of this project.

See you next year, I guess…

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