Day 270: Neil Perry chops his menu in half – The Burger Project, Take 3

Day 270: Neil Perry chops his menu in half – The Burger Project, Take 3

Day 270: Neil Perry chops his menu in half – The Burger Project, Take 3

Friday, 26 September 2014

I’ve visited The Burger Project three times since it opened four weeks ago; the latest visit was because Samantha, in her wisdom, directly emailed management to voice her disappointment with our first visit, and somehow scored a free meal. By that stage we’d already gone a second time and things were considerably better.

That said, we weren’t going to say no to a free meal from Neil Perry.

When we got there, we were rather disappointed to find that nearly half the original menu is no longer offered.

  • There are no more hotdogs.
  • There’s only one variation on the fries available now.
  • The dulce de leche milkshake is gone.

I didn’t bother taking stock of what else was taken off the menu because I couldn’t quite get over the loss of the hotdogs. They were quite amazing. I guess my disappointment was compounded by the fact that I’d made a promise to my stomach several hours earlier that I’d be eating a K-dog.

I settled for The Korean, a Korean variant on a traditional burger. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised – I expected a plain burger with some kimchi, but it was more like a hearty beef bulgogi in a hamburger format.

I don’t know enough about the restaurant business to know whether these changes are a good or bad sign – I do respect the fact that Perry has clearly acted on the constructive feedback that he’s received, which is more than I can say for most every other restauranteur I’ve experienced.

But Neil, on the off chance you’re reading this, please bring back the hot dogs. They were fantastic, and now the menu just seems a little… sparse.

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