Day 269: Kevvie’s Cookie Safari #8 – Cookies + Milk’s Cocoa Nib

Day 269: Kevvie's Cookie Safari #8 – Cookies + Milk's Cocoa Nib

Day 269: Kevvie’s Cookie Safari #8 – Cookies + Milk’s Cocoa Nib

Thursday, 25 September 2014

It should come as no surprise that one of the best cookie establishments in all of Sydney should be located in Newtown, a melting pot of diverse tastes, cultures, philosophies and art. At the southern end of King Street, wedged somewhere between an indie toy store and a hoarder’s bounty of vintage knick knacks, is Cookies + Milk, an establishment that specialises in just those things. They make their own cookies, and they make their own syrups that go into the milkshakes. I think they also make jams and pies.

The place doesn’t seem like much – a hollowed out terrace, minimalistically refurbished with second-hand furniture straight out of the 1970s… but it’s the cookies that do all the talking.

Served on a thin wooden plank, it’s like a hipster’s reinterpretation of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – these cookies are presented and worshipped like sacred idols.

And rightly so: the Cocoa Nib is tiny, wafer-thin, brittle and slightly crunchy – the complete opposite of every other cookie we’ve tried to date.

Yet the flavours achieve a perfect balance of sweetness, chocolatey-ness and cookie-ness. Yes, it’s so good I’ve had to make words up just to describe it.

Cookies + Milk

Cookies + Milk. Go for the cookies, not the décor.

The flavours are impressively rich in spite of how delicate the cookies are to handle; and they linger in your palate just long enough for you appreciate them all. Better still, the experience seems to be very consistent. As you can see in the image, I purchased two of these cookies, and they were practically equal in every way (unlike Scout’s Honour’s Burnt Butter, Triple Choc Cookie).

Best of all? These things are so small that you don’t feel guilty about eating them.

Cookies + Milk – the menu. One of several. Prone to changing frequently.

Cookies + Milk – the menu. One of several. Prone to changing frequently.

Rating out of 10 (where 10 = ermahgerd this is amazeballs; 5 = meh; and 0 = I want my money back):

10 – Sophisticated, delicate, flavoursome; perfection.

Where: Cookies + Milk, 531 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042. It’s a brisk 10-minute walk south down King Street Street from Newtown Station. By bus, the 308, 352, 370, and 422 stop within close walking distance. There is some local parking available on Holmwood Street, which is just around the corner. 

How much: About $4.00 each. I don’t actually remember. Would you care when it’s this good?

About Kevvie’s Cookie Safari: People have been telling me for years that my wife’s chocolate chip cookies are the best they’ve ever eaten. It didn’t occur to me until now to test the claim. But if you’re interested, she uses a Jacques Torres recipe from the book ‘A Year in Chocolate’.

3 thoughts on “Day 269: Kevvie’s Cookie Safari #8 – Cookies + Milk’s Cocoa Nib

  1. Doesn’t look like much effort has gone into the appearance of these cookies. At first glance, I thought that someone decided to sloppily put a batch of cookies together in a hurry just because they were hungry. They don’t look exactly appealing to me But I take your word for it. If they taste as great as you’ve mentioned, who cares if the cookie looks the way it does.

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