Day 232: You’re kind of missing the point

Day 232: You're kind of missing the point

Day 232: You’re kind of missing the point

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My giant DSLR camera is a cause for concern for some people. I get it, and it’s fine. Sometimes it’s a privacy issue, sometimes it’s a security issue, sometimes it’s to do with property rights.

I also get that photographers don’t always remember these considerations, and that a simple reminder from a member of staff or what-have-you is good practice for due diligence.

Sometimes, I’m shadowed by an entire team of heavy-set security personnel who eyeball me and do all sorts of things to try to physically intimidate me without making actual physical contact, on the off chance I make a motion towards the camera slung casually over my shoulder. This, too, is okay, if a little creepy and overboard.

I mean, what kind of nincompoop would so clearly advertise their intention to be a predator/terrorist/plagiarist? It’s as though these people were raised on Hogan’s Heroes.

To whit, it doesn’t inspire me with a great deal of confidence in the intelligence of these security clowns when they see no risk to privacy, security or property whatsoever in the countless mobile phones that are equipped with 18MP cameras with great low-light performance, 16mm lenses and built-in vibration reduction, which are consciously pulled out with the specific intention of taking photos by people who have no knowledge, training or awareness of the legal liabilities associated with photography.

It’s as annoying as the “MOVIE PIRACY IS A CRIME – DON’T DO IT” videos I’m made to sit through every time I buy something on Blu-ray.

Gah, don’t even get me started on those…

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