Day 199: Korea – 2, Taiwan – 0

Day 199: Korea – 2, Taiwan – 0

Day 199: Korea – 2, Taiwan – 0

Thursday, 18 July 2014

Usually I take anything that Fairfax publishes about Asian food with a grain of salt. For all the posturing they make about their journalistic integrity, their taste in food seems more informed by reinforcement from readers who share their political leanings. Which is to say they’re really no more credible than anyone else.

After seeing Taiwanese fried chicken outlet Hot-Star covered for a second time by them, I questioned whether the place is genuinely good or if, like I’ve seen so many times before, Fairfax is just trying to will its readers into thinking it’s actually good – as though repeating the words over and over again will bestow magical properties upon them and make them true.

So I gave it a shot.

It’s basically a schnitzel you eat in your hand; a deep-fried thigh fillet, complete with bone. It’s a third of the price of plate of Korean fried chicken from Naruone, and it tastes like it, too: oily, gamey, cheap meat.

It was revolting. I barely made it through half, though I do acknowledge it’s partly because I’m averse to eating anything deep-fried these days (but I’ll happily make an exception for the fried chicken at Naruone).

Sorry Taiwanese friends, Korean fried chicken still takes a steaming dump on whatever this is meant to be.


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